Our world breakfast tour / 5 new ideas

Lifestyle / 10.05.2019
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Feel like something exotic? Want to get away from it all? Why not try a gourmet voyage for breakfast?

Considered by many to be the most important meal of the day, breakfast is the ideal moment for recharging your batteries. So why not vary your pleasure and try some delicious international recipes? Here is a world breakfast tour with five ideas inspired by different culinary traditions personalised with our Spécial Matin organic crackers.


1/ Australian avocado toast

Ever tried avocado toast? The famous Australian avocado toast, created by chef Bill Granger, has become a quintessential French standard served at any time of the day. Ideal for an exotic breakfast, brunch or dinner, avocado toast is a taste sensation. Savoury breakfast enthusiasts love it. And apart from being delicious, avocado toast also has very high nutritional value. The staple ingredient, avocado, is rich in fibre, essential saturated fats and a range of vitamins. You can also add sprouts (nutritional treasure troves), baby spinach (rich in vitamin C) and a drop of lemon juice. It provides healthy energy and is easy to digest, so you won’t need to snack before lunch.


The ideal Spécial Matin cracker for this recipe: our buckwheat cracker, Sarrasin Fibres. Buckwheat enhances the flavour of avocado perfectly. The extra-crispy cracker offsets the creamy texture of the exotic fruit.

2/ Swiss muesli with crackers

Muesli is a famous mix of cereal flakes, nuts, seeds and dried fruit which appeared in Switzerland at the beginning of the 20th century. It is now eaten around the world. Famous for its rich nutritional value, muesli is ideal for a balanced and delicious breakfast. But the ultimate advantage is you can personalise the recipe to your taste. If you eat a lot of muesli... why not try a new recipe and replace the cereal flakes with crispy crackers. And top it with blended almonds, bananas, blueberries, chia seeds or flax seeds. 


The ideal Spécial Matin cracker for this recipe: our chestnut cracker, Douceur Châtaigne. The chestnut flavour of this cracker is a delicious way to fill you up in the morning.

3/ Swedish smoked-salmon crackers (vegan)

Our Scandinavian friends love unleavened bread with cream cheese, smoked salmon and fish roe at any time of the day...even in the morning. Try a variation of this delicious savoury recipe and replace the bread with a delicious organic gluten-free cracker. Taste it with cream cheese and vegan smoked salmon made with carrots, smoked tea and tamari sauce. And if you like, you can add a few slices of cucumber and a bit of dill to enhance the flavours. The cheese is a great source of calcium and protein and the carrot provides vitamins and fibre.


The ideal Spécial Matin cracker for this recipe: our mulitgrain cracker, Multicéréales. Ideal for a savoury breakfast, this cracker made with millet, rice and buckwheat is perfect with the smoky flavour of vegan salmon.


4/ Crackers with an English breakfast 

Everyone’s heard of the famous English breakfast... Better known as a “full English breakfast” or a “fry-up”, it includes a range of ingredients such as tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, beans, eggs and bacon. Tea, coffee, orange juice and toast are also regular features, according to taste. Try topping one of our crispy crackers with baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes (when in season) and serve it with a vegan chick-pea omelette. Now that’s a tasty and balanced breakfast.


The ideal Spécial Matin cracker for this recipe: our corn cracker, Douceur Maïs is ideal for your English breakfast. 


5/ Traditional French toast

We can’t do a world breakfast tour without mentioning the traditional French breakfast of toast with butter and jam. Some cereals, a bit of good fat and fruity flavours are the three basic ingredients of this generous, balanced French tradition. The good news is that our new Spécial Matin cracker no longer crumbles under your butter knife. Buttering your cracker is now a real pleasure!


The ideal Spécial Matin cracker for this recipe: Which do you prefer? Douceur Maïs, Sarrasin Fibres, Multicéréales, Douceur Châtaigne - the choice is yours.


You now have lots of healthy and delicious ideas for exotic breakfasts using our Spécial Matin 100% organic, 100% natural crackers. What’s so special about these crackers that we just know you are going to love? They are quite simply crispier and tastier for even more flavoursome pleasure. And they are easy to find. Head to our products page and select the Spécial Matin crackers you’re looking for. Order them on line or share your location to find your closest organic shop.

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