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Nutrition / 10.05.2019
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Why include Le Pain des Fleurs’ crackers in your daily diet?

1- Quality and nutritional value

With a view to having a healthy and ethical diet, in particular by choosing organic products and by decreasing our consumption of animal-based protein, the daily consumption of 'Le Pain des Fleurs’ crackers is totally recommended.

As they are made from 100% plant-based ingredients, which are organically produced, Le Pain des Fleurs’ crackers are a source of plant protein (up to 18.1% for the “Green Lentil” crackers compared to 10% for an industrial crispbread[1] ) and non-heme iron, nutrients which can have an important place in vegetarian or vegan food trends.

Some Le Pain des Fleurs crackers are also a good source of magnesium and phosphorus, which are particularly important nutrients for athletes.

Please note that similar products on the classic market are often made using controversial ingredients:

Example of a label indicating the ingredients of industrial crunchy crackers :

Cereals 98.3% (wholewheat flour 65.8%, rye flour, wheat flour 10.2%, rice flour, malted wheat flour, semolina, buckwheat flour, barley flour), sugar, skimmed milk powder, salt, palm oil, wheat germ, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin). May contain soy, sesame.

Allergens: wheat; rye; barley; milk [2]

Example of a label indicating the ingredients of Le Pain des Fleurs’ Organic Oat crackers  :

Oat flour* (50%), rice flour*, sea salt. *organically produced

No allergens [3]


2-Glycaemic index, a health and satiety asset

How can we determine the quality of a food or of a carbohydrate meal?

Thanks to the glycaemic index and load which evaluate the food’s influence on blood sugar levels (glycaemia) and the release of insulin. The glycaemic index therefore measures the capacity of a carbohydrate to increase blood sugar levels after the meal, compared to a reference standard which is pure glucose (GI = 100).

To eat healthily, lose weight or control diabetes, it is important to control your blood sugar levels, thanks to foods which have low or moderate GIs.

Low and moderate GI foods also prolong satiety.

Le Pain des Fleurs’ crackers are sources of good-quality carbohydrates, that is to say a moderate glycaemic index compared to most crispbreads and other industrial crackers, thanks to the richness of the cereal fibres used and the absence of added sugar for most of the recipes.

 The average Le Pain des Fleurs glycaemic index is around 65 and the glycaemic load is 7.4 (for 3 crackers). In comparison, the glycaemic index and load for a 1/4 of a classic baguette are respectively 75 and 28.3, 74 and 18.5 for a plain slice of bread, and 82 and 9.8 for 2 wholegrain rice crackers. [4]

The glycaemic index and load of Le Pain des Fleurs’ “Cocoa” and “Coconut” crackers are slightly higher but thanks to the quality of the added sugar (organic and fairtrade blond cane sugar), they fit into a gourmet and balanced diet. A specific range has been developed for breakfast, with no added sugar but with ingredients to make the crackers sweet and tasty: you can discover the Spécial Matin range in shops now.

Enjoyed with a little almond nut butter (quality source of fat) and apple slices (source of fibre) for example, the Le Pain des Fleurs crackers are a perfectly healthy breakfast or snack with a low overall GI as fats and fibres lower the GI.


3- Gluten-free, but healthy! 

Light and crunchy, most of Le Pain des Fleurs’ crackers have the advantage of being gluten-free.[1] Whether you’re genuinely intolerant or simply sensitive to gluten, eating gluten-free can be a real headache when it comes to varying your diet and eating healthily.

In fact, most industrial gluten-free bread products are often rich in chemical additives, artificial flavourings or sugar:

Example of a label indicating the ingredients of industrial gluten-free crispbreads :

Corn starch, rice flour, sunflower oil rich in oleic acid, sugar, vegetable fibre (psyllium, bamboo), rice syrup, thickener: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; buckwheat flour, lentil flour, pea protein, yeast, salt, natural flavouring. LACTOSE-FREE (lactose < 0.007g/100g). [5]

Made using very few ingredients (1 to 4 depending on the recipes) that are naturally gluten-free, Le Pain des Fleurs’ crackers are the perfect solution to include in your gluten-free diet; the crispness of traditional toast or crispbread in your diet while varying pleasures thanks to the wide range of flavours available:

Example of a label indicating the ingredients of Le Pain des Fleurs Organic Multi-Cereal crackers:  :

Half wholewheat rice flour* (59.7%), buckwheat flour* (25%), millet flour* (15%), sea salt, *organically produced

 Yeast-free, dairy-free, egg-free, flavouring-free and no added fat. Gluten-free guarantee [6]

Also, Le Pain des Fleurs is a member of the French Association of Gluten Intolerance (AFDIAG). In this respect, the production workshops are 100% safe, and Le Pain des Fleurs’ crackers comply with the maximum gluten content set at 20 ppm (parts per million) in finished products.

The variety available within Le Pain des Fleurs’ cracker range is also a considerable asset...you’ll never get bored! For example, you can try the sweetness of Chestnut for breakfast, the strength of Onion for lunch, a Cocoa sweet treat as an afternoon snack....

Choice is the key to healthy eating!

For all these reasons, despite the transformation and cooking process that the ingredients undergo during manufacturing (necessary for their crispness!), Le Pain des Fleurs’ crackers are one of the most interesting gluten-free bread products on the market, nutritionally speaking, with no dubious additives or allergens. They are perfect for daily consumption, by varying the flavours and recipes!


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