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Nutrition / 20.05.2019
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The Le Pain des Fleurs blog has had a makeover! For the occasion, and to provide you with even more quality content, we have asked Catherine Grussenmeyer to join our editorial team.
Catherine is a dietitian/nutritionist, and will be writing nutrition articles and will give you various pieces of advice to help you adopt a healthy, balanced AND gourmet diet. Would you like to find out more about her career path and why she’s adopted Le Pain des Fleurs into her daily life? Discover her interview now





Hello Catherine, could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your career path?

C.G. Hello, let’s say that I have more than one string to my bow. After getting my Baccalaureate in the scientific stream, I started by doing a BTS (advanced technician’s certificate) in biotechnology, then I worked for a few years as an engineering assistant in research laboratories. I then did an undergraduate degree in Life Sciences. At age 30, I decided to turn my passion - nutrition and cooking - into my career and so I completed a dietitian/nutritionist qualification. So, I now work as a self-employed dietitian and I do a few health clinic replacements. I am also a stand-in teacher in theoretical and practical Nutrition for BTS students. And to round off, I will officially be specialised in vegetarian and vegan nutrition by mid-May. 


How did you discover Le Pain des Fleurs products?

C.G.  I have known about Le Pain des Fleurs for a few years as I have been interested in “healthy eating” since my later teenage years. At the time, I already often went to organic shops when I went shopping with my mum. My curiosity drove me to buy the Le Pain des Fleurs crackers for the first time when they came out.

The range wasn’t as developed as it is today but I cracked (excuse the pun) for the buckwheat crackers. How was it possible to make such great crackers, that were so crispy, with so little ingredients, and what’s more, without gluten? I wasn’t disappointed! At home, all my family regularly eat them too.


What encouraged you to try them and why do you eat them regularly today? 

C.G. Over time, I’ve realised that I’ve become more and more sensitive to gluten. I don’t mean intolerant but just sensitive (bloating, digestive problems). So, Le Pain des Fleurs crackers are a very healthy alternative to classic bread for me, and so I'm happy to make the switch whenever I can. Obviously, the fact that they are organic and the variety of the range play a very important role in my decision.

The interesting thing is that each flavour can be adapted to a time of the day in my meal plan. I really like the sweetness of the chestnut in the morning or for a snack, the black rice or lentil crackers at main meals for the nutritious side of things, and I keep the onion and fig ones as an aperitif. I use them as crackers and it’s a real treat! In terms of quality, you only have to read the list of ingredients on the box to understand that there are no dubious additives or other flavourings which could discourage me like in other gluten-free bread products. Finally, my eco-friendly side is sensitive to the brand’s sustainability commitments, so well done!


How would you describe our organic crackers in 3 words?

C.G. Crunchy, light and healthy. 


Who do you recommend Le Pain des Fleurs crackers to in the context of your profession as a dietitian/nutritionist?

C.G. I used to only recommend them to those with coeliac disease. It’s so rare to find such crunchy and healthy crackers, without any controversial ingredients, that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them from the very 1st appointment to replace bread or crispbreads. In addition, the wide range means that you can switch up the flavours, so for someone who has recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, and might feel a little lost and think that their dietary options will be restricted, it’s a real relief.

Now, well, I recommend them to everyone. Regardless of the objectives of the person who comes to me for advice (weight loss, particular diets, moving towards a plant-based diet), I guide them towards a “HEALTHY” diet, first and foremost. You can’t be a health professional and recommend foods full of additives or preservatives or even pesticide residues. In my opinion, it’s not compatible.

So, now, when I create personalised meal plans for my patients, Le Pain des Fleurs always crops up as an equivalent to other bread products like wholemeal bread and cereals, oats or spelt, for a healthy and gluten-free option.


And finally, could you share your favourite recipe using a crunchy Le Pain des Fleurs cracker?

C.G. C.G. There are so many (actually, I’m going to include a recipe in my next article which talks about breakfast... Stay tuned)! But to answer your question, one of my favourite recipes is savoury and full of protein. It can be enjoyed either as a main meal with a mixed salad, for example, or as a snack and even in the morning for breakfast. For this recipe, I use the black rice Le Pain des Fleurs crunchy crackers. I make some hummus using rice milk (instead of traditional olive oil). The combination of black rice and chickpeas is simply delicious and what’s more, the recipe is rich in wholegrain plant proteins (combination of grains / legumes). Then, I like to add slices of cherry tomato, sprouted seeds and black sesame seeds.


That sounds delicious! Thank you, Catherine, for taking the time to answer these questions.


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